Why I love B.C. – Umbrella vending machines!

Yes, there are actually umbrella vending machines at the Vancouver International Airport:

Umbrella vending machine in YVR.


Look at all the plastic-wrapped, retractable black umbrellas inside…. Just $5 a pop!

Umbrellas inside an umbrella vending machine in YVR.


The best part is that this machine was out of service, and the folks at YVR thought it prudent to post a sign apologizing to rain-wary travellers and directing them to an alternate umbrella-purchasing location.  Heaven forbid that a person should have to venture out-of-doors without the proper protection!

Out of service sign on an umbrella vending machine in YVR.


Actually, if you’ve ever been to Vancouver, you know:  when it rains, it doesn’t just pour, it drizzles.  Constantly.

Maybe that umbrella isn’t such a bad idea…. 😉


4 Responses to “Why I love B.C. – Umbrella vending machines!”

  1. That’s awesome Caroline!

  2. In all of my wanderings in the unofficial vending machine epicenter of the world, Japan, this one somehow doesn’t ring a bell. In other news, at least your out of service notices are kinder than the ones in the US…

    • Yes, we Canadians are certainly known for being polite! I particularly like how the directions instruct potential umbrella purchasers to go up either the escalator or the ramp, so that no one should feel left out.

      Neat blog, BTW. Judging from your July 31 post, I’m betting you’d be taking that ramp! 😉


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