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September 11, 2016

Where is the space for originality?

Food for thought, courtesy of Carolyn Roberts in A House of Straw, a book that chronicles her experience building her own straw-bale house in Arizona:

Why isĀ it so hard to do something original in our society? . . . We shop in at the same stores, in the same strip malls and shopping plazas, which carry the same products. We all use the same credit cards and run up the same debts, which we pay to the same banks. We watch the same shows on TV, the same movies, drive cars that vary slightly in their colour and interior but are essentially the same. We eat the same food from the same chain restaurants, or bought from the same national line of grocery stores, manufactured by the same huge companies with different labels.

In the carbon-copy society that surrounds most North Americans, what do you do to stick out a bit? Do you embrace difference or judge it? Are you comfortable going out on a limb and walking a path that no one else is walking, a path that other people might find strange, even threatening?

Carolyn Roberts built her own straw-bale house to fit her own lifestyle and financial situation. What are you doing?