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January 1, 2017

Leap into 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

I offer the following quote in honour of my brother, who is making a major career change in 2017. Thirty-something and newly married, my bro is leaving the world salaried work to strike out on his own. It’s a path that he’s been talking about for years, and in 2017 he’s finally going for it — obstacles and unknowns be damned. My brother says that the following words from American naturalist John Burroughs helped ease his anxieties as he made his decision:

Leap, and the net will appear.

That is: Only when you take that first step off solid ground and launch yourself in the direction of your dreams will the ideas, solutions and options that you need — but could never see from the comfort and safety of your old position — reveal themselves. Plan you leap as much as you can, then go for it. The answers will appear over the course of your journey.

This year, I encourage you to take some leaps of your own. Do something that scares you but has been calling to you for a long time. Listen to your heart and act on it, even if you don’t know what the end result will be. Trust — trust yourself and your abilities enough to simply go for it.

Your net is out there, but it can’t catch you unless you leap.

Happy 2017!

June 24, 2016

Follow your bliss, witness magic

Thought of the moment, courtesy of American writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell:

Follow your bliss, and doors will open where there are no doors.

Magic does exist, if you listen to your heart and follow where it leads. . . .

February 25, 2016

Life: opportunities to follow or not

I found this great quote from six-time Canadian Olympic athlete Clara Hughes in her book Open Heart, Open Mind:

I don’t believe in destiny, any more than I believe that if you wait long enough your true calling will find you. I believe we create opportunities that we follow or we don’t.

August 31, 2015

Observed on the street: A little G.O.O.D. advice

I came across this wonderful quote outside the Alternative Grounds Coffee and Tea House in Burns Lake, British Columbia:



Never give up, because F.A.I.L. means “First Attempt in Learning.”
END is not the end; in fact, E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies.”
If you get NO as an answer, just remember, N.O. means “Next Opportunity.”
Be positive! 🙂

March 6, 2014

Keep one hand ready to hail the taxi of opportunity

Thought for the day, courtesy of astrologer Jonathan Cainer:

The taxi of opportunity rarely stops and knocks on doors. It cruises the streets of possibility, offering services to those who are waiting, poised to flag it down.

Another way of saying that, in life, you’ve got to get up and make your opportunities happen!

The taxi is out there, cruising about . . . . Are you ready to catch it at a moment’s notice?

November 1, 2013

November challenge: Turn an acquaintance into a friend

This November, I challenge you to take the initiative to invite a new acquaintance to join you in an activity or outing. Choose a person who interests you, but with whom you have not yet engaged in any social activities beyond your normal sphere of engagement, be it work, school, the dog park, daycare drop-offs, or what have you.

We can all use new faces, new conversation and new energy in our lives from time to time, and there is no better way to achieve this than by bringing new people into our social circles. To quote Madame C. J. Walker,

Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come; you have to get up and make them!

This month, make the effort to make a new friend, and see where the experience takes you!

October 16, 2013

Instructions for life #3: Do it now

Don’t wait too long to do the things that feel right to you, in the moment when you really feel them pull you. If you do, you might miss the opportunity to grab those things altogether.

Life doesn’t often offer second chances or do-overs. It doesn’t usually insert same amazing people or the same potential experiences into your path more than once. So when you do meet those amazing people or encounter those potential experiences — the ones that really call to you and move you at a deep level — trust yourself enough to follow your heart into action in that moment. Don’t worry about what other people might think, and don’t be put off by “the unknown.” Be brave, and be confident, and honour the energy building inside you while it is still building, because that energy is there for a reason, and that reason wants to be heard.

Do it now, before the next opportunity that really speaks to you stops calling your name for good.

July 14, 2013

In every crisis lies an opportunity

An encouraging quote from Canadian journalist Jan Wong:

In Chinese, the word for crisis is wei ji, composed of the character wei, which means danger, and ji, which means opportunity.

Danger and opportunity: joined hand-in-hand, one beside the other, in every crisis you face.

The next time you find yourself in a tough spot, remember that the potential for growth lies somewhere within the mess before you. Big or small, the opening is there. Look for it. Then grasp it tight and follow it home.

January 23, 2013

“It is only my own life, I realize, that I am afraid of . . .”

I love this quote from Jamie Zeppa’s book Beyond the Sky and the Earth:  A Journey into Bhutan.  Zeppa, a volunteer teacher from Canada posted in Bhutan, describes the inner turmoil she experienced in the lead up to her romance with a Bhutanese man — a romance that had been building for some time but that she had continually stepped back from because it didn’t seem “proper” or “practical” or even “possible” to her logical self:

I pretended that I was resisting out of ethical considerations but the truth is I resist because I am afraid.  My time in Bhutan, my whole journey in fact . . . , has been a coming to these edges, these verges, these high places where I am buffeted by winds and dazed by the view, by the risks and the possibilities I never imagined could exist in my life, where I am astonished that I could get so high up, how on earth did I get so high up, where a voice whispers JUMP and another cries DON’T.  Where I could turn back and walk down to safer ground, or I could throw myself over that edge, into what, what is out there, what is it that I am so afraid of beyond this last safe step where I am now standing?  It is only my own life, I realize, that I am afraid of, and at each high point I am given the chance to throw myself over and back into it.

She threw herself over and back into it, back into the meat of her life.  Will you do the same at the intimidating edges of your own life?