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August 31, 2015

Observed on the street: A little G.O.O.D. advice

I came across this wonderful quote outside the Alternative Grounds Coffee and Tea House in Burns Lake, British Columbia:



Never give up, because F.A.I.L. means “First Attempt in Learning.”
END is not the end; in fact, E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies.”
If you get NO as an answer, just remember, N.O. means “Next Opportunity.”
Be positive! ūüôā

July 17, 2014

Give fear and doubt the busy signal

Quote of the moment, courtesy of Edith Armstrong (and my mother!):

I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, whenever doubts, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal — and soon they’ll forget my number.

Our attitude to life and what it brings our way really does depend on which thoughts we choose to broadcast over our internal sound systems. We can turn some thoughts way up and others down to zero. Choose your sound track wisely, for the music of your mind has wide-reaching impact on many areas of your life.

November 22, 2013

Observed on the street: Back-cover inspiration for a front-page life

I found this fabulous and uplifting “manifesto for life” on the back cover of this month’s alive magazine:

Celebrate life. Learn lots.
Love what you do.
And always be curious for more.
Be the adventurer of your own dreams.
Aim high. Higher.
Choose to be healthy and happy inside and out.
Be your best. Inspire others. It’s contagious.
Be fearless.
Discover your purpose then make it happen.
Go beyond your wildest dreams.
Do stuff that matters. Do it right.
Stop at nothing to create, evolve. Be smarter. Nourish and heal.
Have an open mind. Listen. Really listen.
Defeat the naysayers. Dare yourself daily.
Defy the ordinary.
Respect everyone and everything.
Take care. Of yourself, each other, the planet.
Laugh with abandon.
Love whole-heartedly and spread joy.
And above all
Live your life in BOLD. 

(Courtesy Genuine Health:

October 25, 2013

Into the great wide open (of your future!)

Have you ever made a decision about what to do or how to act based on what happened during a similar instance in your past? If you got hurt years ago, do you now avoid similar situations for fear of getting hurt again? If you failed (or succeeded) once, do you expect the same results the next time you try? Or do you simply stop trying, because doing so seems easier (and safer) than taking a risk and putting yourself out there?

We’ve all entertained these kinds of thoughts. But guess what? They’re not helping us.

The past is the past, and history rarely repeats itself. If you got hurt once, that’s fine. But you are a strong, capable person, and you don’t follow any patterns. With new acquaintances, the passing of time and your own personal growth factored in, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience the same result twice.

As for fear of failure, hardly anyone succeeds at anything the first time they try. The successful person is the one who¬†tries anyway, again and again — and¬†willingly makes mistakes — because what they’re doing is something they love, and they want to learn, or grow, or laugh, or challenge themselves in some way.

It’s time to rid yourself of the belief that your past defines your future. Your old experiences may have shaped the person you are today, but they have absolutely no bearing on where you go from here — unless you like the idea of moving through life wearing blinders that rob you of all the wonderful experiences and opportunities waiting for you in your peripheral vision.

In the end, nothing defines your future better than you do. Toss aside those old limiting perspectives — those blinders — and watch your path open up before you.

In the words of late author and motivational speaker Keith D. Harrell:

What has happened is not nearly as important as what can happen. Look to the possibilities of your future for direction, forsaking the burdensome limitations of your past.

Your future really is wide open. All that remains is for you to see that.  ♥

April 9, 2013

What do you need right now?

Another beautiful passage from Kelly Winters’ book Walking Home: ¬†A Woman’s Pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail:

What do I need now? ¬†I wonder. ¬†To live and feel and sense deeply, to fill up on experiences and emotions and events, to be open to newness and to people, to lose any masks I wear, to lighten my load — physically, emotionally and spiritually — to laugh, to sing, to commune.

An excellent set of guideposts by which set life’s compass, don’t you think?

March 18, 2013

Observed on the street: A snowy reminder to “just be”

A message in the snow from a walk I took recently:

Message written in fresh snow: "Smile, it will be OK."

December 29, 2012

What colour are your glasses?

This quote caught my eye today:

Whether the world is blue or rosy depends upon the kind of spectacles we wear. ¬†It’s our glasses, not the world, that need attention.
(Author unknown)

Always remember: ¬†you are the one in charge of the glasses you choose to see through, and you are the one who can change your¬†eye wear¬†if it doesn’t fit right.

Colour your own world.  Make it brilliant.

November 3, 2012

Happiness is right beside you…

I came across this quote from novelist Robert Goddard last night:

Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach.

There is much within your reach.  Make your bouquet brilliant.