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October 26, 2013

Is your life pedestal-worthy?

Check out these great lyrics from the song “History” by a short-lived indie band that I can no longer identify (despite several attempts to do so!):

Take everything you believe in
Put it on a pedestal to see,
Does it still hold
What you’re dreaming?
Would a child say that it’s their fantasy?

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and evaluate where you are in your life — using a gentle, non-judgemental, uncritical eye, of course! Are you going in the direction you want to go in? Are your days filled with people and activities that make you glow? Is there anything important missing, and if so, what real-life steps can you take to change that?

Make it your goal to live a life that you admire — one that shines brightly from any pedestal you place it on. Live the life that your younger self dreamed about!