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August 1, 2013

Challenge of the month: Speak your mind (your real mind)!

This month, when someone asks you for your opinion or ideas on something, I challenge you to speak your mind honestly, openly, confidently and compassionately.

So many of us cover up our true thoughts or impressions for fear of offending another person, or appearing too (un)intelligent, or because we mistakenly believe that our ideas or opinions are somehow lesser than those of others.

If you fit any of these patterns, this month, break them (at least once)! You may find that people truly value what you have to say — whether it is a compliment, a criticism, or just a point of view that’s different from all the rest. You may find that people appreciate your candour, that they take a genuine interest in your unique perspectives, and that they can handle what might seem (to you) like “criticism” with more ease than you thought possible. And you might feel better inside yourself for having spoken your own truth — no matter how big or small the issue at hand.

This August, speak out! Your opinions deserve it.