Sometimes you just gotta go through it

Are you facing a fear or uncertainty that’s stalled your progress in a particular direction? Remember this verse from an old children’s song:

Can’t go over it. Can’t go under it. Can’t go around it. Have to go through it!

Whether you’re encountering long grass and oozy mud on a make-believe “bear hunt,” or confronting obstacles (real or perceived) in day-to-day life, sometimes the only way forward is through!

5 Comments to “Sometimes you just gotta go through it”

  1. Very true indeed… but some will avoid or procrastinate, yes?

    • Absolutely. I think procrastination would be when we arrive at the “oozy mud” and just stand there looking at it. At times, looking for ways around might also be a form of procrastination. Again, I’d say the only way forward is through.

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