Your brain is BIG – take care of it!

Ever consider the complexity of the human brain? It weighs just three pounds but contains over 100 billion interconnected cells (half of which are nerve cells) and controls our muscles, senses, thoughts, emotions, motivations, executive functions and more.

It’s hard to get a handle on the sheer scale of the brain’s activity — and what can happen for someone who sustains a brain injury —  but the Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide by Dr. Glen Johnson provides a great example by comparing the brain to the world’s telephone system:

If we took all the phones in the world and all the wires (there are over seven billion people on the planet), the number of connections and the trillions of messages per day would NOT equal the complexity or activity of a single human brain. Now let’s take a “small problem”: break every phone in Michigan and cut every wire in the state. How long would it take for the entire state (about 10 million people) to get phone service back? A week, a month, or several years? If you guessed several years, you are now beginning to see the complexity [of the brain and] of recovering from a head injury. In the example I used, Michigan residents would be without phone service while the rest of the world had phone service that worked fine. This is also true for people who have a head injury. Some parts of the brain will work fine while others are in need of repair or are slowly being reconnected.

All that to say: Take care of your noggin!! Wear a helmet, wear a seatbelt, and take adequate time to rest and recover if you do sustain a head injury. Be safe out there!


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