The paradox of change

Thought for the day, from American psychologist Carl Rogers:

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Accept who you are, be gentle with yourself, and you will open yourself to positive change: this is a theory that I’ve heard applied to several aspects of life.

Learn to love and accept yourself and you will then be able to find a loving and respectful relationship. Accept your fears and you will then be able to detach from them, rationalize them, overcome them. Accept your limitations — learn to work with them rather than against them — and you will then be able to overstep them. Accept that you are OK just as you are in this very moment, and then, miraculously, you can grow beyond that moment.

Acceptance is key to so much in life, yet it can be a tricky beast to master. We often set incredibly high standards for ourselves, and we are certainly our own worst critics. So be gentle with yourself. Become your own best friend, your loudest cheerleader. Start letting go of the need to control how everything turns out. Work on acceptance, and, slowly, it will flower within you, empowering you to transform your self (and your life) into so much more.


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