Observed on the street: Back-cover inspiration for a front-page life

I found this fabulous and uplifting “manifesto for life” on the back cover of this month’s alive magazine:

Celebrate life. Learn lots.
Love what you do.
And always be curious for more.
Be the adventurer of your own dreams.
Aim high. Higher.
Choose to be healthy and happy inside and out.
Be your best. Inspire others. It’s contagious.
Be fearless.
Discover your purpose then make it happen.
Go beyond your wildest dreams.
Do stuff that matters. Do it right.
Stop at nothing to create, evolve. Be smarter. Nourish and heal.
Have an open mind. Listen. Really listen.
Defeat the naysayers. Dare yourself daily.
Defy the ordinary.
Respect everyone and everything.
Take care. Of yourself, each other, the planet.
Laugh with abandon.
Love whole-heartedly and spread joy.
And above all
Live your life in BOLD. 

(Courtesy Genuine Health: www.genuinehealth.com/our-story/genuine-health-manifesto)


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