May challenge: Purge some stuff!

It’s spring, so I think a little “spring cleaning” is in order!

This May, your challenge is to reduce some of the clutter in your life — even by the tiniest bit.  Choose a drawer, shelf, closet or room in your home, then go through it to remove all the things you no longer need or use.  Recycle, sell or give away what is no longer necessary for your day-to-day life.  Arrange what remains in a neat, orderly fashion, such that you feel soothed or energized every time you see it.

If you finish simplifying that one space and feel ready for more, move on to another area of your home and keep going!

The goal here is to remove any negative, tired, stale energy that is clogging your living space (and therefore your life) and make room for new, positive, invigorating energy and experiences to enter.

Excess “stuff” creates a stifling, stagnant environment.  Letting go of that stuff (difficult as it may be), is like a gust of clean air that fills your lungs, sweeps away your inner cobwebs, and blows open a door to new pursuits and possibilities.

I think you deserve to breathe that fresh, clean air.  This spring, make it happen!


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