April challenge: Create your own culinary adventure!

This month’s challenge is inspired by my community’s “Good Food Box” program, of which I recently became a member.  Each month, I receive a bundle of fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, as well as a few tasty-looking recipes that incorporate the items in my bundle.  With a pile of fresh produce in my kitchen and interesting-looking recipes right in front of me, I have been roused to step outside of my cooking comfort zone and try some new dishes that use ingredients I wouldn’t normally buy in the grocery store.  The results have been wonderfully satisfying — and I’ve discovered some easy new additions to my regular meal routine.

This April, I challenge you to find a healthy, new-to-you recipe that totally tantalizes your tastebuds, then make it!  

Think of the process as an exciting culinary adventure — something to look forward to and have fun with.  Focus on the practice of trying something new rather than on the results you get.  If your recipe calls for unfamiliar or exotic ingredients, track them down — you might discover a new store or shopping district along the way.  If time for cooking is an issue, make a “kitchen date” with yourself in advance, setting aside the time you need to first gather your ingredients then prepare your meal.  And if cooking isn’t really your thing, keep it simple:  pick a short recipe that looks easy and appealing.  Then . . . just do it!  Play your favourite tunes.  Light candles.  Pretend you’re a Cordon Bleu chef!  The results (and the process) may surprise you.

Happy cooking!


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