Diversity makes the world go around

Today’s bit of wisdom comes from Lynn Johnston, the cartoonist behind the long-running comic strip For Better or For Worse.  Johnston writes in the introduction to her 15th anniversary collection, It’s the Thought That Counts . . . :

We are all born with wonderful gifts.  We use these gifts to express ourselves, to amuse, to strengthen, and to communicate.  We begin as children to explore and develop our talents, often unaware that we are unique, that not everyone can do what we’re doing!

It’s the last phrase in this quote that strikes me — that we are “often unaware” of our own uniqueness, of that special blend of skills and talents and interests that exists within each of us, and that no one else possesses in quite the same way.  So many people spend so much of their lives comparing themselves to others — even trying to be others.  We worry about how we look, how we act, what we do (or don’t do) for a living, how we raise our children — the list goes on — and how it all stacks up against the people around us.

Johnston’s words remind us that stacking up doesn’t matter.  Not one single bit.  What matters is developing that one-of-a-kind combination of talents and motivations that makes you you, even if the outcome doesn’t seem to conform to what you see around you.  Especially if it doesn’t seem to conform to what you see around you.

Diversity is what makes the world go around.  Celebrate yours, and give your talents the space (and permission!) they deserve to grow into something magnificent.


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