February challenge: Make an “I rock!” list!

This month, I challenge you to:

  1. Find a nice piece of paper.
  2. At the top, write the phrase “I rock because . . .”.
  3. Underneath, write at least five reasons why you think you’re totally awesome.  That’s right!  Five things you love about yourself — five qualities or characteristics you possess that, in your eyes, totally rock.

Call this your “I rock!” list.  Hang it in a place where you can see it every day for the rest of the month (on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, on the steering wheel of your car, etc.).  Then, every day this month, look at your list, read it, and respect what it has to say — i.e., that you rock!

So many of us find it hard to acknowledge and celebrate the good in ourselves.  We say “I can’t” or “I’m not good at” more often than we say “I can” or “I’m awesome at”.  We find it easier to put ourselves down than to prop ourselves up, to dodge compliments than to welcome them, to devalue our own worth than to stand proud in who we are — before others and before ourselves.

This month, let’s break these patterns.  Make your “I rock!” list and display it proudly.  Because you do rock.  There are so many fabulous qualities you hold, so many things you do well, so much good inside you.  You are an amazing person.  And it’s time to acknowledge and celebrate that fact.

4 Comments to “February challenge: Make an “I rock!” list!”

  1. For a long time I struggled with appreciating myself for who I am and your right sometimes we do get too caught up on our faults while forgetting what makes us unique. With time I’ve come to find that there is something unique in every being and we definitely need to be acknowledging this more often. Thanks for your post!

  2. I rock because I read this blog 🙂 I made my list and read it out loud daily!

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