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January 5, 2013

Mountains, endless mountains, flowing through my veins

I grew up in the mountain-rich province of British Columbia, but I spent several years living in the “flatlands” of Ontario.  I often wonder how my perspectives on geography and landscape would be different if my roots were reversed, if I were a child of Ontario arriving in British Columbia for the first time.  Would I miss the gentle slope of Ontario, the endless horizon, the enormous sunsets?  Would the mountains of British Columbia stun me, humble me, leave my mouth agape with awe?

Mountains are in my blood.  They fill my horizon, fuel my body, comfort my soul.  Perhaps that is why I like this quote from Jamie Zeppa’s book Beyond the Sky and the Earth:  A Journey into Bhutan.  Zeppa — an Ontario girl for all of her then-23 years — has this to say of her approach by plane into Paro, Bhutan, a town crouched at the eastern edge of the Himalayas:

I used to wonder what was on the other side of mountains, how the landscape resolved itself beyond the immediate wall in front of you.  Flying in [to Bhutan] from the baked-brown plains of India this morning, I found out:  on the other side of mountains are mountains, more mountains and mountains again.

Those of us with mountains in our blood know this to be true, and we are grateful for it.

Rocky Mountains in Western Canada