Observed (incredulously) on the street: A skunk in a cup

This is what I did tonight:  I pulled a skunk’s head out of a plastic DQ/Orange Julius cup.  No, I am not kidding.

I was walking home just before 9 p.m. when I heard a rustling in a nearby garden and saw a black and white-striped shape writhing around between some shrubs.  Bizarrely, it was a skunk with said cup — the kind with a snap-on dome lid; see photo below — lodged tightly on its head.

Plastic cup that had a skunk's head stuck in it!

The skunk’s entire head was in this thing, and the lip of the lid was preventing him/her from getting back out.  I have no idea how the skunk managed to get in there, but he/she was clearly stuck and wasn’t going to get out without help.

I couldn’t leave that skunk like that.  So I waited until his/her cup-clad head was facing me, then I held my breath, grabbed the end of the cup, and pulled — gently, at first, then I really had to hold on to match the skunk’s own violent tugs to get out.  After about 20 seconds of good-on pulling, the skunk popped out, turned tail and disappeared.  Without spraying me, I might (thankfully) add.

What a bizarre occurrence.  And a good example of why it’s important to put garbage in the trash bin where it belongs.  Litter like this can be lethal to curious (and hungry) animals.


One Comment to “Observed (incredulously) on the street: A skunk in a cup”

  1. That’s crazy! Glad you didn’t get sprayed! Poor skunk must have been so happy to be free of the cup!

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