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June 20, 2012

How can you help “Corriger le tableau” / “Clean the slate” ?

This short film is incredibly powerful — it speaks volumes about stereotypes, prejudices and self-esteem among First Nations youth in Canada, and it raises important questions about what we (as non-Native Canadians) can do to help “clean the slate” and provide these youth with the level playing field they need for their self-confidence to grow and their dreams to truly take flight.

(Note:  The film was created by First Nations youth from the community of Manawan, Quebec, and Wapikoni Mobile, a non-profit organization dedicated to brining audiovisual skills and a voice to First Nations youth in isolated communities.  I was fortunate enough to see the film as part the Asinabka Film and Media Arts Festival, which runs this week in Ottawa, Canada.)



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[Film summary for non-French speakers:  First Nations youth write on the chalkboard stereotypes and derogatory comments they encounter in their lives — things like “Go back to the reserve,” “Savage,” “Cigarette smuggler,” “Poor,” “Druggie,” “I wear feathers,” “Don’t pay taxes,” “Lazy,” etc.  Then, they erase these words and write descriptions of who they really are:  “I am fine,” “I will be an airplane pilot,” “Love sports,” “Generous,” “Love music,” “Good at school,” “Passionate about hockey,” “Cook well,” “Make everyone laugh,” “Proud to be who I am.”  The title “Corriger le tableau” means “Clean the slate.”]