“Shovel your anger daily”

More wisdom and a great metaphor from Sue Monk Kidd in Firstlight:

My local newspaper carried a picture of a house with a caved-in roof.  The living room was waist-high with snow.  It covered the sofa, the chairs, and the tables.  The caption read, “Roof gives way under weeks of accumulated snow.”  The owner had let the drifts pile up till it all came tumbling down at once.

It is easy to be critical of this kind of negligence, but I’ve done the same thing with anger.  Storing it up in bits and pieces — a few silent irritations here, some inward resentments there — until I have an overloaded roof ready to cave in on someone.

There is both spiritual and psychological wisdom in the adage, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.”  I made a promise to myself to shovel it daily.


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