“Now here” vs. “nowhere” — the difference is just a pause

I’m now reading the book Firstlight by Sue Monk Kidd — mostly because I finally got around to reading The Secret Life of Bees, and that launched me into a bit of a Sue-Monk-Kidd kick.

(A note on The Secret Life of Bees:  Wow.  Jaw-dropping, heart-swelling, tear-inducing wow, to be exact.  What an absolutely fabulous book.  Can that woman ever write!  I already count several of Sue Monk Kidd’s books among those deserving of a permanent slot in my bookcase, and I will certainly be creating space for this one alongside Dance of the Dissident Daughter, The Mermaid Chair, and Travelling with Pomegranates, which she co-wrote with her daughter Anne Kidd-Taylor.)

The thing I like most about Sue’s writing is that she takes the time and makes the effort to delve into the deeper questions of life — questions about who she is, what matters most to her, and how she can find and maintain a fulfilling connection to her own senses of spirituality and self as she moves through the journey of life.

Reading Firstlight, this quote jumped out at me:

“Someone pointed out to me that the words now, here and nowhere have the same arrangement of letters, but differ when a small space is inserted.”

Sue goes on to suggest that “a fine space [also] separates us from experiencing our life as nowhere or now here,” but I take more from it than that….

  • What if “now here” and “nowhere” are actually one and the same thing, in a way — that to truly be “now here,” you have to be “nowhere” else?
  • Or, perhaps all you need to get from “nowhere” to “now here” (which I equate with presence) is simply to pause. . . take a breath. . . create a moment of stillness and quiet so that your awareness itself has space to breathe and grow.

Thoughts to ponder….


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